Buy The new Divoom Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker - Pixel Art DIY Box

Um, could there be a cooler wireless bluetooth speaker?!  Not only does it have super high quality sound, but also a full array of color LED display (so many different choices).  Even better, it’s also an alarm clock, give you the daily weather, can be paired with Alexa or Siri, and you can even design your own pixel art to display via their app.  This one comes in white, pink, and green.


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The game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be available on November 15th!

After the trailer aired this Saturday, April 13, the release date of the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is announced. It will be released on November 15th.

 Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order While the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer was aired on Saturday, April 13 as part of Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, a release date for the video game was revealed. Indeed, the latter will be available on November 15th.

Focus on the Star Wars Jedi video game: Fallen Order
The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer, which you can see below, was announced by Respawn Entertainment teams at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago this Saturday, April 13th. This action-adventure game comes from the movie "Star Wars: Episode 3 - The Revenge of the Sith". He follows the adventures of a young Padawan on the run as he is pursued by Imperial Inquisitors of the Empire, after executing Order 66. Stig Asmussen, Game Manager at Respawn Entertainment wanted to recreate the period dark of the saga. "With this scenario, we have created a game of intense, but also thoughtful and fun fighting, using the lightsaber and the powers of the Force to bring the true power of the Jedi to the players."

In this game, new characters and new planets are present. Enough to seduce fans of the saga. "Develop your Force powers, perfect your lightsaber skills, and explore the mysteries of a lost civilization to deepen your knowledge of the Force." A description that makes you want, right? The game will be released on November 15 and will be available on PCs and game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will have to wait a few more months to play this adventure game.

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