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South Korean automaker Hyundai ends the year 2018 with a lot of international achievements. Achievements that can only serve the development of the brand in Tunisia with the commitment of the company Alpha Hyundai Motor, official distributor for private vehicles. With multiple levels of success, Hyundai continues its journey of development with a futuristic and promising vision.

2018: the year of high-level global awards
The brand has been voted among the best in the world, and on multiple occasions and for various categories. Worldwide recognition of a major development effort supported by the commitment of the brand's engineers.

Interbrand, a global leader in brand strategy and design consulting, has named Hyundai Motor among the top 40 most popular brands in the world (across all industries) for the fourth year in a row. The overall value of the Hyundai brand has grown 3% since 2017 to reach a record $ 13.5 billion. The company is ranked 36th worldwide, despite difficult conditions in many global markets.

In addition, Hyundai was named "Brand of the Year 2018" at the last international "Red Dot Award". The latter rewards the brand that ushered in an innovative and creative design. This year, he considered Hyundai's innovative design solutions, design quality and brand management expertise.

It is worth remembering that Hyundai Motor beat last August's all-time Red Dot Awards with four Red Dot awards and three Red Dot Best of the Best awards. Hyundai has won awards for Genesis Gangnam, Genesis Sound Design, Pioneer Film and Safety Hologram in their respective categories, namely Retail Design, Sound Design, Spatial Communication, Film & Animation and Interface & User Experience.

Increased level of security
Given the importance of safety in Hyundai's approach, the brand has spared no effort in highlighting its achievements in this area and its performance has been the subject of a series of certifications and recognitions. including obtaining 5 stars at EuroNCAP 2018 for the Hyundai Nexo.

In all four evaluation criteria, Hyundai Nexo has demonstrated its high level of active and passive safety thanks to the highly advanced SmartSense safety equipment and the high rigidity of the bodywork. Taking advantage of this recognition, Hyundai decided the generalization of these achievements for the rest of the range.

Technological innovations and futuristic solutions
The brand focuses on R & D as essential factors for its commercial development but also to offer humanity ecological and futuristic vehicles. It is in this vision that the 2018 achievements in terms of innovation are embedded.

Hyundai's next-generation Hyundai Hybrid Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle has created the event around the world. The Hyundai Nexo FCEV was one of the most appreciated vehicles by the experts during the year 2018 and was the subject of various demonstrations in the flagship events of the field.

The Hyundai Group recently unveiled its 2030 FCEV plan and plans to significantly increase its fuel cell system production capabilities to around 700,000 units per year by 2030, of which 500,000 will be used by the group's vehicles. HMG will also explore new business opportunities to supply these systems to other car manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of drones, ships, rolling stock, forklifts ...

To crown the year's achievements, Hyundai announced the introduction of a first-generation "roof-top" system to recharge the batteries of hybrid vehicles on its cars by 2019. The system is based on a solar panel structure. silicon integrated into the classic roof of a vehicle. This system is capable of recharging the battery from 30% to 60% during a typical day, depending on weather conditions and other environmental factors.


2018: A milestone year for Alpha Hyundai Motor
In Tunisia, the year 2018 was the year of confirmation and development par excellence for the company Alpha Hyundai Motor through strategic achievements and an exponential notoriety.

On the occasion of its acquisition, the company has attracted the interest of a panoply of renowned Tunisian groups to finally obtain the trust of the KSM Autogroup consortium (Driss Group, TTS, Sellami). An investment that reflects the good health of the company that is ranked among the safe values ​​of the automotive sector in Tunisia.

On the product side, Alpha Hyundai Motor has made available to its customers a rich and varied range that encompasses different segment models with innovative designs. A variability that is enriched with the multiplicity of finishes and options that the company offers to its fans and customers.

Focusing on customer proximity, Alpha Hyundai Motor has consolidated its network by focusing on a development with agencies that comply with the brand's technical and qualitative standards. This orientation aims more proximity to customers settled in the regions to better serve them in time.
For 2019, the brand is counting on a new impetus to consolidate the qualitative and quantitative achievements since its arrival on the Tunisian territory in 2012.

This new approach involves:

Richer range with new designs, equipment and engines,
Upgrade of the visual and qualitative identity of the brand,
Network development and proximity to services provided to customers.


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