A replica of a lightning cable that hacks remote computers.

We do not stop new ways of being able to hack others. The new invention of the moment: a cable to hack computers.

Lighting cable Hack
This Lightning cable is not trivial. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module created by the hackers themselves, which are hidden in the USB connector. Therefore, you do not have to be around to take control of the computer.

Innovative piracy through the Lightning cable.
Now, beware of someone standing on the street and inviting you to buy (or kindly buy) your Super Lightning cable. Okay, there's very little chance of it happening, but still. This is the reason why it is not advisable to buy electronic equipment from a seller in secret. It is also impossible to detect the fault, except if we take the time to undo the cable. The Wi-Fi module allows you to connect to the famous cable and send HID (Human Interface Device) commands to simulate a keyboard, a mouse.

Mike Grover has been working on it for two years to demonstrate, among other things, this system of trapped cables. It is not less than 4000 dollars and 300 hours of work and ... Zero years of study in PCB programming. The hacker even admits making several cables and reselling them. Hak5 also offers, in a professional capacity, USB keys and trapped adapters. Computer security professionals such as USB Rubber, Ducky, Bash Bunny or LAN Turtle are far from being disinterested. Most of Mike's cable, compared to the products mentioned above, is, of course, his discretion and, therefore, should not be seen.

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