Apple is preparing to abandon Qualcomm and Intel in the 5G race

       After the defense comes the attack. Still stuck in a lawsuit against Qualcomm, Apple seems determined to dispense with the latter's services by producing their own iPhone modems.

      It's no secret that Apple and Qualcomm are currently not on the best terms. The two key players in the mobile market have been fighting for months in court for economic reasons. According to Apple, Qualcomm has refused to sell 4G modems for its iPhone and would also have prohibitive rates. If the court case is far from over, Apple has started to work sideways.

Iphone Router.jpg       As revealed by Reuters, firefighters firm Steve Jobs has repatriated engineers dedicated to the design of iPhone modems in the company's hardware division. A news that will not surprise the most attentive observers, since in December Apple was already looking for specialists in network chips. This dynamic is a way of pointing out that the company takes the 5G problem very seriously. So seriously that the company could soon do without Intel and Qualcomm, who until now had built modems for the old iPhone. If recent legal problems have undoubtedly played into this decision, the idea of ​​building these components internally is far from absurd for Apple. 

Not before 2021 at least
The company has always adhered to the principle of vertical integration, which consists of producing as many components as possible to have control of the entire production chain and, therefore, deliver more controlled products. After the processors, Apple could make its own modems, and who knows, maybe even its own batteries ...

The investment for Apple will probably be titanic, but necessary. Rivals Samsung and Huawei are already building their own chips and mobile modems, which allows them to have better battery management and save valuable space inside phones. In addition, the investments made in the launch would be amortized quickly given the savings that Apple could achieve in the long term from Intel and Qualcomm. But it probably will not be like this for now, since, according to the latest rumors, even the first iPhone 5G in 2020 will continue to use Intel modems. That being the case, the machine is launched.


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