Apple will not change the price of its iPhone 2019

The line of conduct of Apple? Do not change prices, after all, it's not as if sales have gone down. We will discover your iPhone 2019 together.

Apple ne changera pas le prix de ses iPhone 2019
Apple knows, the price of your iPhone is high and it is partly because of this that sales decrease. Apparently, this does not seem to bother the company with the slightly crunchy apple more than that.

Apple: why change when it does not work
do not?

Apple, it's a bit like this friend who refuses to see the truth and who will not change anything out of pride. You have to remember that Apple has marketed its XS Max to
1,657.68 euros. Quiet. The older brothers of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS will arrive at the same price orders as these predecessors. $ 749 for the next range of the iPhone XR and $ 1,449 for the successors of Iphone XS and XS Max. As for the colors, the iPhone XR must be dressed in green but lose another color. So, despite the high prices that are not likely to change, we can ask the question about the increase in sales. So less than a shot from the buttocks, Apple runs down the slope.

High prices for broken promises. However, a better value for money is expected during this year with the new technologies in the program. For example, three cameras can not be excluded. Here is a perfect reason to explain this decrease in price. We can not say that we are disappointed by Apple, but the firm has certainly promised many things that it ultimately could not sustain. The new iPhone will be announced (hopefully) in September 2019, which will be the official successors of the iPhone mentioned above. Come on, we start saving and we're ready.


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