Breaking Bad the movie on Netflix ... Get out!

But who can stop Netflix? The news has just fallen, Breaking Bad, the movie will be available on the platform as soon as it is released.

Breaking bad le film sur Netflix... Dès sa sortie !Breaking Bad, the movie is being filmed and it's a secret. We can still ask why Netflix has the right to convey the dilemma when it comes to AMC, the American television channel, which owns the rights.

Breaking Bad: silence becomes!
This is what the series will follow, but in film form, and will essentially focus on Jesse Pinkman. A piece of news that could solve the French because the AMC channel is not available in France. Netflix puts us well, let's say it clearly. A good return of things since the series took off when it began to air on Netflix. Walter White, now the most famous chemistry physicist with cancer in the world, has seen the series of which is the main character maintained by Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter confirms the rumor of a possible movie about Jesse Pinkman. Aaron Paul, the character's actor, is on set. Apparently, he survived his abduction, managed to escape and now tries to find a normal appearance of life.

Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walter White, explains that "it's a good story and there are many people who wanted to see some kind of result of these narrative lines that were left unresolved." So it is true that the final episode of the series left us with the feeling that we have just described the former Malcom actor, but we can still consider ourselves fortunate, to see privileged to see Netflix premiere the film for the happiness of the French fans of the series.

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