Deepfakes: It's Robin Williams who embodies the genius of Aladdin in place of Will Smith

Aladdin says goodbye to Will Smith and hello to Robin Williams. A trick for the least ambiguous appeared on the web.

The trailer for the live film Aladdin has finally been unveiled. The film will be released on May 22. A trailer with Will Smith who embodies the genius. This moment when we can finally put a face on a person that we could hardly imagine.

Deepfakes :
Aladdin: because we do not forget Robin Williams like that

Internet users, those people who have the power to bring everything to the thousandth degree and who have a viral power on what starts from a simple editing, a simple joke. Indeed, the look of Will Smith was quickly mocked and some had fun comparing it to the Aladdin Robin Williams version of 1992. Then a little genius of the net has exceeded the limits of the possible with a fakeface software. Goodbye Will Smith, hello Robin Williams. In addition, the voice of the deceased actor has been added from above. Troubling, unhealthy, nostalgic, praiseworthy, in short, everyone will make his opinion.

When people are having a hard time
A sequence rather very short but not at least effective. So what is the purpose of this approach? A new sordid video editing as there may be millions on the net or just a simple, effective wink that will nostalgic those who knew the 1992 version with the late actor? Everyone will make his own opinion, in any case, Aladdin arrives in the room on May 22, 2019 and well with the voice and facies of Will Smith.

Feel free to comment, what do you think of this video editing? Do you find it misplaced or do you think this wink is clever?


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