Facebook buys a specialist in visual investigation.

It's the end of GrokStyle that will integrate Facebook. This implementation has developed a visual search algorithm and could work remarkably in the network market service.

GrokStyle, a specialist in new visual research companies, announces its closure on its website. However, we quickly learned that instead of closing the company, it is a redemption that hides this announcement. And not for anyone: Facebook. In fact, the first social network in the world has taken GrokStyle under its wing, whose technology can trigger a search for objects on the Internet from a simple photo. In other words, take a picture of a desk lamp and the search algorithm directs you to many pages that contain images of identical or similar desk lamps. A technology already used by big names like Ikea, which uses it in its mobile application to facilitate the search for the reference of one of its products.

IA and shopping experience
Why Facebook bought this? Undoubtedly, to enrich the search possibilities of its classified service, in which Facebook has many hopes and promises since its launch in 2016. This is the most likely route, The homepage of GrokStyle says: "Our team and our technology will continue to live and we will continue to put artificial intelligence at the service of visual research experiences. " This goes hand in hand with the ambition shown by Facebook in October 2018, that of having to resort increasingly to the AI ​​to improve the shopping experience proposed by its market.

We do not know the amount of the check signed by Facebook to offer GrokStyle, but this is the second significant acquisition of Facebook since the beginning of the year, after the acquisition of the Chainspace developers (blockchain specialists). Last year, Facebook bought only four technology companies. Therefore, the signature of Mark Zuckerberg is rather in phase of acceleration side purchases ...


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