Finally, there would be a Nintendo Switch Mini in 2019!

Shuntaro Furukawa, head of Nintendo, has silenced all rumors of the launch of a Nintendo Switch 2 in 2019. However, the firm could launch a Nintendo Switch Mini this year.

 Nintendo Switch Mini 2019According to the famous Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Nintendo is looking for a Mini Switch that could be launched this summer. The company has reached a turnover of 8,000 million euros and even if the goal of selling 20 million units in fiscal year 2018 is not achieved, it can still maintain the barracks with its console By offering a Nintendo Switch Mini, the giant Japanese should achieve spectacular sales figures. This console could take the PS Vita format and cost less than the current model. It will be necessary to make some concessions.

Nintendo Switch Mini: smaller, cheaper and more portability oriented
The Nikkei sources are game developers, so we can afford to keep the clips even if they are kept on hand. The Nintendo Switch Mini would be much more focused on portability. We can expect a similar format to the PS Vita with a 5-inch screen. To be more affordable than the model released in early 2017, Nintendo would not eliminate the Joy-Cons. There is also the possibility that the dock is not available with this version.
Nikkei also tells us that along with its Switch Online, Nintendo will offer a premium subscription service based on micro-transactions. At the moment, we do not have more information.

In your opinion, is it a good idea to launch a Nintendo Switch Mini? Tell us everything in the comments!


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