GeForce RTX: Battlefield V supports DLSS and ray tracing

With a new update, Battlefield V now supports Nvidia's Super Learning (DLSS) Deep Learning technology and benefits from multi-ray tracking enhancements.

Battlefield V
In the inaugural conference dedicated to Turing architecture, Battlefield V was widely used as a criterion to praise the graphic capabilities of the GeForce RTX range. Thanks to the new RT Core calculation block, the RTX 2080 Ti, 2080, 2070 and 2060 are now capable of rendering hybrids, combining classic rendering (rasterization) and ray tracing. During the demonstration, the effects of the light were particularly realistic, with the sparks of the explosions reverberating to the player's pupil.

Yes, but here it is: EA Dice was not yet ready to fully implement the technology while guaranteeing a sufficient level of performance. This is now done through the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update # 3 update, which is now available and automatically installed on all GeForce RTX owners. This provides title compatibility with Nvidia's Deep Super Sampling (DLSS) technology that leverages Tensor Core, another feature of the GeForce 20 series architecture.

Compensating the ray tracing with DLSS
Aimed at completing the smoothing, this rendering method is based on deep learning to significantly improve the graphic quality and the level of performance. Clearly, the supercomputers analyze the engine of the game and manage to determine the calculation methods to increase the definition of the image without losing details. Tensor Core applies these algorithms in real time, which allows to use an image in 1440p, for example, and the climber in 4K UHD. The rendering is bluff, without any loss of image quality.

In contrast, ray tracing is a resource-intensive technique: the calculation of the most realistic light effects tends to decrease the frame rate. Schematically, we can consider that DLSS compensates for this loss and guarantees a high quality image. The latest version of the reference tool 3DMark Port Royal now supports DLSS and shows an increase of 18 to 25 fps in all GeForce RTX, with technology enabled.

Battlefield V is the second game compatible with DLSS, the first is Final Fantasy XV. Exodus meter. Nvidia promises 28 games in total that will admit such representation, including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, PUBG and Anthem. To take advantage of the new patch, in addition to the requirement of having a GeForce RTX, obviously, you will have to install the Nvidia 418.91 drivers. In addition to DLSS compatibility, this new patch improves ray tracing. It also adds a new cooperative online mode, Combined Weapons, in which you train a team of one to four players against AI-controlled enemies in eight missions and four cards. A training camp, in short, to get acquainted with the multiplayer experience.


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