Google Assistant can now respond to multiple commands

As promised, Google Assistant can now chain up to three consecutive orders without having to say "Ok Google".

Since the last Google I / O, Google Assistant users have been waiting with great impatience for the famous Continuous Conversation mode that allows you to talk continuously with the voice assistant. This feature is now accessible through a very welcome update, and for good reason. Eliminates the need for repeated voice commands to invoke the Google Assistant only once. In fact, it is no longer necessary to tirelessly repeat the famous "OK Google" key phrase: simply chain orders, without interruption, and link them to the conjunction of "and" coordination magic. This enrichment not only saves time, but also, and above all, makes the use of the assistant a little less tedious.

Google Assitant consecutive ordersTo verify the effectiveness of the multiple order, we spoke with the Google Assistant about ten consecutive times and all our exchanges were conclusive. However, whenever it is necessary to chain the requests quickly, because the assistant is very receptive and will not stop interrupting it to respond to the first one. It is also necessary that the linking word "and" be pronounced with a high and intelligible voice so that the assistant considers it as a beacon. You will notice this short time between answers ...


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