Google Earth shows classified secret-defense sites

Google Earth unintentionally unveils some of the most secret military sites in Taiwan.

Unveiled in broad daylight. Sites classified secret-defense were the time of a moment to a view of all. A precise and very recognizable 3D site and most secretive-defense shot.

Google Earth Google Earth: the customary
So here we know the difficulty of managing a site such as Google Earth as the number of protected sites must be made invisible. But the site is not customary. Indeed, a military site in Taiwan has been unveiled. How to be naked in a moment? While we know that there is a lot of material to protect, such as Patriot missiles for example (just that). Any possible enemy is in heaven: structures of visible buildings, location of open missile launchers, bare military bases, in short, a hell of a mess. Google will be asked to blur the visibility of all sites again and the army itself will camouflage the facilities set up on the ground. The exposure of the grounds and the sensitive places is a subject really taken seriously by the military.

Soldiers have no right to use devices or applications that use the GPS function at any time. The main fear? A possible presentation to the enemy of information on military operations. During the same year, two Android mobile apps for military training contained severe vulnerabilities that could possibly endanger the lives of personnel. Now hoping that Google Earth does not realize again this type of clumsiness, or big dumpling, everyone will define the thing as he likes.

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