Google Maps in augmented reality: it is progressing

American journalists have been able to use a previous version of the augmented reality of Google Maps that augurs the launch of this new feature in the short term.

Google Maps"It's as if Google Maps had drawn signs to point out the elements of the city, but nobody else could see them." This is how David Pierce, a Wall Street Journal reporter, describes his experience after trying a beta version of Google Maps in augmented reality (AR). A feature that Google showed for the first time in its last I / O conference, we do not know when it will appear in the Maps application. If the journalist describes this function as "an improvement that is going in the right direction," he acknowledges that this will certainly not be the default display mode selected by users, probably because it would require maintaining the sensor of his smartphone constantly on the air. It is enough to turn off the smartphone to switch to a more conventional screen.

According to Rachel Inman, Google Maps User Experience Manager, RA is really useful when you're looking to start at the beginning of an orientation session, such as "when you're outside Metro and wondering where to go first." It is not uncommon that in practice it is difficult to understand in what exact direction it is necessary to walk on a street, between a compass and a location that is not always very precise. Often, after taking a few steps and discovering that the GPS location point is not moving in the right direction, it is actually what you find. In fact augmented, the error is out of order.

Google, which indicates that this function will be implemented for all that when it gives full satisfaction to the development team, tested several ways of visualizing RA before choosing large arrows at human height. Of course, all the options made by Google with respect to Maps AR take into account this technology that, without a doubt, will someday be accessible in a frontal display device, Google Glass type.


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