Google revises the changes made to Chrome to penalize adblockers

GoogleGoogle is currently working on an API update used by Chrome extensions. For average users, this is not a concern. But this is not the case for extension developers. Indeed, one of the changes proposed by Chrome Manifest V3 could prevent many ad blockers from working properly. But finally and fortunately for them, the web giant has decided to come back on these changes. Why ? Because benchmarks have found that Google had lied about alterations that extensions could cause on browser performance.

Google: a lie or an error?

Ghostery, a team of extension developers, led the study, ultimately pushing Google to retract and revisit the changes it has planned for Chrome. According to the various tests it did, ad blockers had minimal impact on Chrome's network queries. An insignificant impact since it would be less than a millisecond. However, the developers of the Mountain View company that made the changes to Chrome Manifest V3 announced a bigger impact. So, did Google lie or is it just a mistake?

Impossible for us to know it! For Ghostery, this statement is simply wrong: "According to the measurements, we do not think that this assumption holds, because all popular content blockers are already very effective and should not suffer significant slowdown for users." On the side of Google, a decision has been taken, which provides for a relaxation of changes Manifest V3.

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