Happy birthday Facebook (15 years anyway!)

Facebook has just celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Despite a difficult year 2018, the social network does not fear a fall in its audience. We explain why.
On February 4, 2019, Facebook celebrated its 15th birthday. It must be said that the social network has been more successful than its bet. The latter currently has around 2.7 billion users and its turnover increased to 22 billion dollars.

Happy birthday facebook 2019 Facebook has faced great scandals.
Just before celebrating its 15th anniversary, Facebook has had to face great scandals, especially in regards to the management of personal data, as well as the distribution of false news. All accompanied by a growing concern about the hate speech that Facebook promises to prohibit in the coming years.

The management of personal data on Facebook.
If this social network is badly known, it is certainly due to its management of personal data. The case of Cambridge Analytica, which occurred in early 2018, allowed users to ask many questions about the management of their personal data. The charges that indicate that Facebook would have influenced the US elections have occurred in particular. After such a scandal, Facebook has seen its audience fall by a dozen points, which is remarkable but, ultimately, minimal if we compare this figure with the potential of the company.

Fake news on Facebook
The instantaneity and the capacity of meeting that Facebook offers make this social network particularly dangerous in the distribution of false news. It is increasingly easy to create controversies, especially at the time of elections or demonstrations, to disperse the crowd or, on the contrary, to unite them. This danger, the majority of users are aware, which creates a gradual decrease in the Facebook audience in the West.

New countries in the mirror line of Facebook.
The next geographical development of Facebook will be Asia and Africa. These two countries still do not use the social network enough in the eyes of the company and, however, have a high potential. Faced with the decrease of users in America and Europe, the social network expects to grow rapidly in other countries of the world.

In addition, as the social network ages, young people today find many members of their family in the Facebook network. This is a problem for a population that likes to find a platform dedicated to young people who do not feel judged or spied on. Therefore, the social network will soon face a great generational clash.

Facebook is not worried about the decline of its audience.
However, the fall in the Facebook audience is not likely to worry Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, the company has recently purchased the WhatsApp and Instagram brands, which helps to diversify the audience. In other words, users who leave the social network to use the last two, generate income that always returns to the Facebook business group. Therefore, there is no risk of audience leakage for Mark Zuckerberg, who dominates the social media market. Your social network has just celebrated its fifteenth birthday and still has good morning ahead.


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