Huawei also relies on connected TVs 8K 5G

The giant Huawei should soon offer 4K and 8K TVs with 5G connectivity. Update on the development of televisions of the future.

Huawei TV 8K 5G
Huawei, the future digital giant? The Chinese brand is becoming more and more in the field of smart phone. The latter has had very little success for the US giant Apple in the sale of smartphones, with only 6 million overdue devices. But Huawei is also a future leader in televisions.

Huawei is betting on television in 2019.
Beyond Mate 20 Pro, which has a fingerprint reader under the screen, the Chinese brand is now on TVs connected at a very high resolution. The giant Huawei should soon market the 4K tiles and 8K slabs for their televisions. On the connectivity side, the brand must incorporate a 5G connection, updated for future high-speed telephony standards. The information is, of course, only in the rumor phase, but it is difficult to see how it could be wrong. The only question mark that remains: the launch date of these jewelry technologies.

5G at the heart of Huawei's strategy
Connectivity has been at the center of the war between smartphone manufacturers for a long time. Samsung is also the leader in offering high-end devices that offer the latest connectivity. Now it is Huawei who enters the game when considering the possibility of offering 5G connectivity in their connected TVs. Of course, the 5G control will also be found in the brand's future smartphones.

Many obstacles to the development of Huawei 5G.
Huawei is presented mainly as a new player in the big leagues, along with Samsung and Apple. The Chinese giant has almost surpassed Apple in terms of selling smartphones in 2018. However, the brand would also have a dark side.

In 2018, the latter was strongly suspected of espionage by security authorities around the world. Sell ​​smartphones to foreign countries to better collect your data: would this be the true strategy of this company? In any case, the implementation of 5G antennas in the French territory (and in other countries of the world) has been rejected for the time being to Huawei, on the basis of these accusations.

In order to develop the 5G technology, which is the key to the success of its future smartphones and future 4K and 8K televisions, the brand will have to prove its worth in 2019 and reassure the authorities of the countries in question.

What quality for future TVs?
We also do not have information about the quality of the brand's future televisions. However, we can say without risking too much, that Huawei should continue to want to position itself in the field of high-end, with a very good price-quality ratio. The television market is very competitive, but the quality of the screens will always stand out, and the investment of the Chinese firm will immediately link the brand to the quality of the giant Samsung screens it faces. Will Huawei become the number 1 brand worldwide?


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