In the upper echelons of Facebook, it would be like Game of Thrones.

Does the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, California, look like Westeros, the fictional (and bloody) world of the Games of Thrones? This would be the case at the level of the main sphere of the social network, according to the former director of security.
Interviewed by Laurie Segall on CNN, Alex Stamos talked about the power games in the Facebook administration as a Game of Thrones, in reference to the series of the same name. The former Facebook security director has talked about perpetual machinations at the highest levels of the social network and explained that it reminded him of the political intrigue and the beating on the back of the HBO television series.

Alex Stamos.jpg"The truth is that there is a little Game of Thrones culture among the leaders (...) One of the problems of having a small group of people who make all the decisions is that" If you always keep the same people in the It is very difficult to realize that you are wrong, right? ", he replied to the reporter, before explaining that the leaders have great difficulty in doing so, recognizing their responsibilities and mistakes.

Regular Oppositions with Sheryl Sandberg
Currently lecturing at Stanford University after leading Facebook security between 2015 and 2018, Alex Stamos has repeatedly scented other members of the social media executive, particularly the director. Operations of Sheryl Sandberg. This was particularly the case when he alone made the decision to inform the board of intelligence campaigns conducted by the company's intelligence from Russia without having previously informed him. Stamos and Sandberg also publicly opposed the Public Affairs scandal of the Definitors.

"At the end of the day, Sheryl Sandberg does not have the real responsibility for how things are going (...) Facebook did not measure the impact of things and did not think about how people could lead to misuse, in the end, the only responsible it's Mark (Zuckerberg) ", concludes Alex Stamos.


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