IPhone users change less quickly model

Bad news for the Apple company: the owners of an Apple smartphone would change every four years and would no longer yield to the call of the latest version of the iPhone.

IPhone owners are less likely to change models every year, which causes problems in the growth of Tim Cook's business, according to Toni Sacconaghi analyst at Bernstein. Damages that have already echoed the financial results of the first quarter that show that mobile sales made in Cupertino had fallen almost 15%, forcing Apple to review the prices of its catalog, for example.

We no longer change the iPhone as a shirt

Apple iPhone XS MaxThe moment when each new iPhone launch was an opportunity to renew your team is over. The prices of the new terminals are inevitably involved, but that is not all. For the year 2018, we can find as an explanation the fact that the iPhone XS and the XS Max have not made major improvements compared to the iPhone X. We can also add the batteries of the replacement program for the iPhone 6S. The last cost of € 29 instead of € 89 will have a significant impact on the life of the models that received a new battery, in addition to extracting about $ 11 billion from the company's reserves.

In his analysis, Toni Sacconaghi estimates that only 16% of the iPhone in circulation will be replaced by a new model. This takes the renewal cycle to four years instead of three. In summary, the analyst believes that "it is ... bad". He added that this cycle could continue to grow to four and a half years in the near future.

Apple is already starting to take the lead.
The reaction of the giant California was not really delayed. With the announcement of the financial results at the end of January, it was learned that the company wanted to lower the price of its smartphones in some countries, such as India, Brazil, Russia and China, where prices were reduced from 8 to 10%.

If Europe does not seem to be worried about these new rates, Apple will not remain inactive. Last week, France and some other European countries saw the landing of the reform for the old iPhone models (from iPhone 7 to iPhone X). It is remodeled by mobile devices, has a one year warranty and is sold especially between 100 and 150 € cheaper than non-reconditioned products.

This weekend, we learned that Apple was implementing several strategies to encourage users to switch to the latest iPhone models. The Apple Store technicians should detect any repair that is no longer covered by the warranty, to pressure the customer to obtain an iPhone XS, XS Max, but especially an XR (the cheapest) through the recovery program.


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