It is already official, the Samsung Galaxy M accompany the S10 February 20

Samsung will present its Galaxy S10 in an unpacked event on February 20. The Galaxy M, its folding smartphones, will also be part of the festival.

The South Korean firm wants to eclipse the other manufacturers present their next high-end smartphones before the MWC 2019 in Barcelona. Like Huawei, Samsung hopes to sell a folding smart phone called Galaxy F. this year. Good news, this phone will also be released on February 20! The South Korean firm comes claim event on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy F
Samsung Galaxy F: folding smart phone comes with the Galaxy S10

During this event without packaging, Samsung will present its S10E Galaxy, Galaxy and Galaxy S10 S10 More, but also its folding smart phone, the Galaxy F. A first draft had been exposed at the Samsung developer conference but visually, there is still a lot of work Necessary to be provided by the manufacturer. Some lucky ones could see during CES 2019 in a way probably close to the final version. This same foldable smartphone then filtered in Vietnam Samsung video with a very attractive design. Finally, the Wall Street Journal was not bad because the Galaxy M will be released on February 20.

For now, we assume that this flexible phone has an external screen of 4.58 inches, while the video of Samsung Vietnam, seems larger. Once opened, it would offer a slab of 7.3 inches. Inside this smartphone, we would find ourselves with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip or Exynos 9820 as the Galaxy of Samsung S10. side of the battery, which would leave two 2200 mAh components or in a 6000 mAh foldable battery.

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