Microsoft is testing a version of Windows 10 dedicated to the game.

  Microsoft has implemented a new version of Windows 10 with a new technology dedicated to video games. To prove it, the initiates will have to ... play.

Microsoft has released its new version of Windows 10 (19H1) with a still nebulous technology that, according to the giant of Redmond, is "ready for the game". As tradition dictates, program experts can download and try this new version of Windows 10. To focus on the game, Microsoft offers State of Decay for free for a limited time.

Wanting to test the technology and improve its stability, Microsoft asks users to create a gamertag (if they have not already done so), then download the Xbox Insider Hub application and finally install the free game State of Decay (and DirectX) . If the user encounters faults during installation or stability issues when it starts, you must report it in the Microsoft Store Comment Center tab by starting your application with WindowsGamingFeedback.

Microsoft still wants to point out that many of the problems are already known to him. The company has also shared the list of these problems in a patch note. This compilation from Microsoft brings a lot of experiments for a final version dedicated to the general public around April 2019.


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