Microsoft wants to end once and for all with Internet Explorer And warns against its use.

For Microsoft, it is time for everyone to stop using their old Internet Explorer browser and opt for a modern and, above all, updated solution.

Long hegemonic, then almost destroyed with the emergence of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer finally disappeared from the digital landscape, replaced by Microsoft Edge. And if the giant Redmond strongly recommends the use of the latter instead of its predecessor, many companies continue to use the "old" browser. Clearly concerned about the safety of its customers and its own brand, Microsoft decided to take the bull by the horns and call to stop using Internet Explorer.

This request was made by Chris Jackson, Microsoft security specialist, in a publication entitled "The dangers of using Internet Explorer as default browser". For the administrator, the use of IE is an easy way that some administrators continue to use due to its different compatibility modes. But the browser is no longer updated, it no longer integrates the new standards of the web and, therefore, can pose serious problems of use. Jackson returns this behavior with the concept of debt, the developers of known techniques and would be linked to the option chosen for the ease of saving money, but with heavy losses to consider in the long term.

Therefore, the risk is that users and businesses end up with strong incompatibilities and the need to make profound changes in the emergency. Chris Jackson invites all those who continue to use Internet Explorer to quickly consider other solutions. We can imagine that, in the spirit of the company, Edge would be a good option. Recently, the American giant has announced that its flagship browser will soon resume the technical bases of its competitor Google Chrome.


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