Nokia 9 Pureview: images even before its announcement

One more leak, one. The Nokia 9 Pureview makes visible images yet intended for the smartphone press.

If Nokia wanted to preserve the maximum images of its design, we can say that it is rappé, and well as it should. images have leaked and it's for the happiness of our little eyes.

Nokia 9 PureviewNokia 9 Pureview: not bad the sensors
We know it's the moment of revelations in the world of telephony. Clearly, smartphones do you want it here are put up for sale in 2019. HMD Global should therefore shortly reveal the Nokia 9 Pureview which seems to be less and less a surprise. And especially on which we can now put a face (where at least a design). It is the journalist Rolan Quandt that allows us to have snapshots of the smartphone from several angles. even if the design had been confirmed before, the images come even more confirm the few iffiées visual that could be done on the Nokia 9 Pureview. What more (what better?) The photos available to us are in high quality which allows to admire a little more smartphone and especially to notice some details. Here are the details that can be noticed in the photos:

  • On the front of the phone, no notch or bubble
  • 5 photo sensors on the back of the smartphone
  • the fingerprint reader is directly on the screen, at the bottom center of the phone
  • it will be Android One to run this little gem
  • the model is called TA-1087

All these features and supporting photos suggest that this smartphone will be released in the high-end category. The rounded glass back supports this intuition. Let's wait a few days now for more information and to confirm our suspicions.

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