On which channel You can watch Manchester United - PSG tonight?

That's right, it's the big night, as Johnny would say, to the Manchester United - PSG match for the knockout rounds of the league champions.

The cup with big ears, the C1, the league of champions, in a few words, he will call it as he likes, but the final will start tonight, and this is an opportunity to see what will give this well-reviewed PSG against Manchester United. in the theater of dreams.

Manchester United - PSG 2019Manchester United - PSG: it's your turn to play
On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the night you quit smoking very fast in your taf (and your boss knows why), you do not worry about the sweat in transport (because it's for a good cause), you send one last sms to your friends to confirm the champions of the night league at home (indicating that they do not forget to take off their shoes at the entrance, that they do not get disordered), and that they go to the shopkeeper in going down the street to consume some drinks during the encounter. In short, it is the night when you settle quietly so as not to miss the crumbs of Manchester United - PSG, where Paris knows several injured (Neymar, Cavani, Meunier) and Manchester United has a second health With players in total renewed confidence ( Pogba, Martial, among others).

A good afternoon for you

A party that keeps all its promises and is living to the fullest in RMC Sport 1. The kick-off is at 21 h for a round of 16 first leg matches that seems more difficult than expected for Paris Saint-Germain. Éric Huet and Jérôme Rothen, former flagship player of Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco, will be on the booth commentator to make you live this match and turn it on your side. Then, more than 5 hours of waiting to finally see what she gives to this team, as reworked as it is.

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