Phone behind the wheel In France: a double violation and it's a license suspension!

Phone behind the wheel: a double violation and it's a license suspension!

A bill is currently being studied and will not please everyone, especially if you are a phone fanatic while driving. In the case of a double violation, it provides for the suspension of the 6-month license.

Téléphone au volant : une double infraction et c'est une suspension de permis !
According to the 3rd MAIF Foundation and the IFSTTAR barometer, 46% of French drivers said they used their phone while driving. That's 3% more than in 2017 and 10% more than in 2016. In an ACA survey, 97% think using a phone while driving is dangerous. The government has decided to toughen the legislation with a new bill that speaks of a six-month suspension of the license if there is a double offense. As a reminder, if you use your smartphone while driving, you risk paying a fine of 135 euros today and three points less on your driver's license.

Telephone behind the wheel: the government acts.
A bill that stipulates the withdrawal of licenses in three specific cases will soon be studied in the Senate. Here are the three cases in question:

If a fatal accident occurred while the driver was using a telephone.
If an accident caused bodily injury while the driver was using a telephone.
If another offense occurred simultaneously while the driver was using a telephone.
Currently, the withdrawal of the license applies if the driver drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if his speeding reaches or exceeds 40 km / h, if he refuses to obey or if he travels in the prohibited direction.

According to the Government, such a measure will result in 6000 license withdrawals due to an accident and 20,000 suspensions due to a crime.


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