PlayStation 3: too proud after Shawn Layden (Sony)

In an interview, Shawn Layden returned to the flaws of the PlayStation 3, which he considers Sony's Icarus moment.

PlayStation 3What was the worst Sony console? Many will say the PlayStation 3. But is this really the case? Maybe not! But the truth is that it is not better than its predecessor (the PlayStation 2) and its successor (the PlayStation 4). Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, is of this opinion. On the occasion of numerous interviews given to the English-speaking press and informed by GamesIndustry, he recognizes the "arrogant" nature of the PS3 and the various errors made by Sony during its launch. "The PlayStation 2 has been a triumph for the industry and remains one of the best-selling consoles of all time, but later, the PlayStation 3 was a blatant moment of pride in the history of PlayStation, as we sometimes call it, the PS3 was "our moment of Icarus." He trusts.

PlayStation 3: Sony has learned from its mistakes.
Their beautiful promises not made, their high price, comments too arrogant ... these are all the reasons that have affected the sale of PlayStation 3. Fortunately, the Japanese firm quickly realized their mistakes and tried to change their mind. And we can say that it has been successful, thanks to the lower prices and the enrichment of its games catalog. This learning has also spoken for the PlayStation 4, which is a great success. It is placed until now at the top of the ranking of the most sold consoles in the world.

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