PlayStation 5: the road of compatibility with previous versions is confirmed?

Sony has just presented a new patent that suggests that PlayStation 5 will be compatible with previous versions.

PlayStation 5
Will the PlayStation 5 be compatible with previous versions? It is difficult to answer this question right now! However, patents filed by Sony in recent times indicate that this could be the case. As a reminder, the Japanese firm filed a patent entitled "Remastering by emulation" last October. The document generally described the use of different technologies to improve the definition of an existing title. The idea was there, but it was clearly clear. Sony may have abandoned this method and want to use another because it has just presented a new patent, even in compatibility with previous versions.

PlayStation 5: another patent of compatibility with previous versions presented by Sony
The new patent was discovered by Hokando-alt.com. It also analyzes the compatibility with previous versions, but it is based on another much more precise method. This time, the technique consists of offering the main processor the means to change the identity according to the application started. Therefore, you could adopt an existing configuration and read applications that are not designed for it (for example, PS4 games).

This new patent confirms Sony's interest in compatibility technologies with previous versions. Although not yet sure, it is very likely that the PlayStation 5 is compatible with previous versions. For the players and fans of the PlayStation consoles, that technology is eagerly awaited. It only remains at this moment that I hope Sony will concretize this patent. Otherwise, it should be remembered that the PS5 is expected to come out this year or around the beginning of 2020.

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