Pokémon Go remains a sacred cash machine

Pokémon Go seemed to have disappeared completely from the media radars. In reality, the game of Niantic Labs remains a very nice cash machine.

pokemon.jpgReleased in 2016 and practiced by hundreds of millions of enthusiastic fans, Pokémon Go quickly declined and eventually sank into oblivion. Finally, that is the discourse that we hear everywhere. It would actually be far from reality. In fact, according to the analysis firm Sensor Tower, the game developed by Niantic Labs would have even seen its revenues increase from one year to another with no less than 68.1 million dollars cashed in the only month of January 2019 In January 2018, revenue from mobile gaming was estimated at "only" $ 37 million.

In total, since the release, Pokémon Go would have garnered a wealth of more than $ 2 billion. A sum obviously colossal, but also to relativize and put into perspective. For example, Fortnite's estimates range from $ 2 billion to $ 3 billion in profits - not revenue! - in 2018 alone. This shows, however, that Pokémon Go, far from being dead and buried, keeps many followers around the world. Sensor Tower indicates that the majority of revenue actually comes from the Japanese and US markets, with 35% and 29% of players still willing to check out.


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