Premier League: Intel's True View reaches some English stadiums

The clubs in question are Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. They will see their stadiums dressed in part by True View technology.

Premier League : True View Intel

The main objective: a new digital experience for the more experienced supporters of the Reds (Liverpool) or Citizens (Ciudad del Hombre), among others. Another way to eat sports, again and again.

True View serving the assassins of the Premier League: 

Who has not dreamed of seeing a 360 degree skylight pout by Mohamed Salah? Do not wait longer for the perfect slow motion when you become your own director. Football continues to advance with different technologies launched at the service of the game (the VAR, the goal line technology). And here is a new one, and it is at the service of the spectators, the lovers of the round ball and even the sports commentators. At a time when football (NFL), basketball (NBA) or baseball (MLB) are already using this technology, True View is quietly settling on European soil. La Liga, the football championship in Spain, uses these new technologies and shows a new way of consuming football. We know that the huge television rights in England, True View technology has found the breach.

Slow down: the VAR just has to stop
The device is impressive: 38 cameras equipped with ultra-high definition 5K in stadiums dressed with technology (Emirates Stadium for Arsenal, Anfield for Liverpool and Etihad Stadium for Manchester City) that will also enjoy on television. In fact, issuers will have the right to use this new technology to transmit images directly. Interested clubs may also postpone the images through social networks. In addition to the idea of ​​the 360-degree image, Intel technology incorporates the Laser Wall function, which provides the viewer with a virtual map to obtain a clearer picture of the player's position. Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool serve as guinea pigs to ensure that the technology works perfectly. If this experience is positive, other clubs could participate in this experience, such as Manchester United and its theater of dreams. Meanwhile, we finish our work day, we sweat well in transport, we settle on his sofa, we put our feet on the table and we watch Manchester United-PSG with care, without True View technology, and without Cavani by the way .. .


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