Star Wars: who is Anakin Skywalker's father?

If there is any information we do not know about the Star Wars saga, it's the identity of Anakin Skywalker's father. The person without whom the series would have no reason to be, became Darth Vader after the third episode, Revenge of the Sith, has indeed never revealed its roots.

Anakin Skywalker's mother was well known in the Star Wars saga

Certainly, the mother of the famous character was identified in the saga. Shmi had made a speech to the Jedi master that his son would not have a father. "I wore it, I gave birth, I raised it, I can not explain what happened," she said.

The father of Darth Vader finally unveiled in 2018

Star Wars : Anakin Skywalker fatherIt is therefore at the end of 2018 that a turnaround took place in the most famous saga of the 21st century. The Darth Vader comic # 25, released in the US on December 19, 2018, focuses on the story and origins of Anakin Skywalker, aka Dark Vader. The reader can then discover whole areas of his past that explain his personality, but they also know his origins.

An explanation after many years of doubt
While some are convinced that the boy was founded by genetics, others by the Force, the last comics of the series gives us a different reality. Darth Vader's father is actually Dark Sidious otherwise known as Emperor Palpatine. It was through the Force that he was able to model in his image the child expected by Shmi Skywalker. The saga of George Lucas should take a new turn. 19 years after the release of the first episode, The Ghost Threat, fans of the saga will finally have the answer they expected.

A comfort after the cancellation of Boba Fett's film
After the rumor of a film by Disney Compagy on the theme of Star Wars that ran for years, fans were disappointed in the year 2018 to learn that the film project would ultimately not lead to its term. Abandoned before being born, it was then a new bitter that was to be announced to the fans.

The announcement of a latest comic about the past of Darth Vader, including the answer to a question that fans ask since the episode 1 of Star Wars, can finally reward the wait and clear the billboard of news. the year 2018.


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