Tesla: He destroys his Tesla by firearm and e reimburses the mark

An American owner fired a bullet into his Tesla's battery, which caught fire and demanded full reimbursement. After the experience, the brand realizes the incident ...

Tesla USA
It had been some time since we had heard about the car models proposed by Tesla. Rest assured that silence never dominates for a long time when we talk about Elon Musk's company. There was a new incident in the United States, but this time, the brand is not questioned.

An American asks for the return of his Tesla.
The story may seem trivial: an American who has taken out a loan to pay for a Tesla car demands a full refund to the brand after it caught fire. The American giant, which has already faced numerous incidents with its vehicles, decides to put down the case.

An agreement was made between the company and the owner of the vehicle to reimburse all the contracted credit and replace the vehicle with nine, in exchange for its silence. The confidentiality clause should thus avoid marking a new scandal.

The experience of the vehicle reveals a bullet impact
The case may have been completed too quickly from the company. In just 5 days, the owner was compensated and his new vehicle delivered. Insufficient time to allow Tesla engineers to examine the vehicle. However, some time after the implementation of the confidentiality agreement, they realize that the car's battery was affected by a bullet impact.

So it was a gunshot on the vehicle's battery that caused the destructive fire. Therefore, Tesla was not responsible in any way for this incident and was not to compensate the owner.

Legal action against Tesla.
To replicate on time, the owner, determined to see the executed agreement, decides to file a lawsuit against Tesla to obtain an enforceable judgment and claim the mandatory execution of the contract. The brand is still facing a bad pub hit, which despite the owner's fault, still involves a burned vehicle ...

A new agreement with the owner has been found. Therefore, the brand has decided to definitely close the incident compensating the latter. No judicial process will be carried out and the case will not be processed.

Possible reasoning in France?
If we know that the US law leaves a much larger place for compensation for damages, the principle of reparation was not acquired. Tesla could have managed to annihilate the agreement reached with the owner of the vehicle by showing that the latter had fired a gun at the battery of his own car.

However, it is not a judicial fear that motivated the company to close the incident, but an economic motivation. After the many incidents that affected Tesla vehicles in 2018, the brand probably preferred to avoid a new controversy in which it would be involved from near or far. Therefore, the brand has preferred to lose the sale value of a Tesla S model instead of suffering, once again, the low pressure of the media by businesses.


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