Tesla Model 3: this revelation that hurts Porsche and Audi.

The arrival to the old continent of the Tesla Model 3 seems to make the historical builders nervous. Audi and Porsche have not hesitated to dismantle a Model 3 to realize that its platform planned for 2020 was more expensive.

Tesla-Model-3-plateform.jpgReverse engineering, or reverse engineering in English, is a practice that "consists of studying an object to determine the internal operation or manufacturing method." This activity is commonplace in the automotive industry with manufacturers that buy competing models to completely disassemble them.
The Tesla Model 3, which has just landed in Europe, had the honors of reverse engineering. According to the German magazine Manager-Magazin (an article only for subscribers) that interviewed several Audi executives, including CEO Bram Schot, Audi and Porsche bought two copies of the Model 3 to dismantle and test. all

As far as is known, the engineers of the two German premium brands were impressed. A report reveals that the new generation electric platform called Premium Platform Electric (EPP), signed by Audi and Porsche and expected to enter production in 2020-2021, costs € 3,000 more than Model 3.

The cause of this additional cost would be the battery cells purchased from LG Chem. At Tesla, they are manufactured in conjunction with Panasonic, making it an asset to the California manufacturer. As a result, the Germans, including Audi, had to revise their copy to reduce production costs and be competitive with Tesla.

According to Manager-Magazin, the EPP is essential for the e-tron program to be defective according to the magazine. Not only the first Audi electric car arrives late (it seems to be a software problem), but its development would have exceeded 2 billion euros! The balance point of 600,000 vehicles sold is already considered an illusion. However, the planning of brand rings provides several electrified vehicles based on the previous platform. We should even admire in the next Geneva Motor Show, next March, the smallest electric vehicle with Audi identification.

It is surprising to see the historic car manufacturers having to review their entire electric vehicle strategy against a manufacturer whose first car, the Model S, is only seven years old.


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