Tetris also goes to Battle Royale on Switch and it's free

Battle Royale is fashionable and is no longer reserved for shooting games. The timeless Tetris is also on the Nintendo switch.

Nintendo Switch
The arrival of a Battle Royale mode in Tetris could have been a good joke a few months ago, but today it is a reality. Presented on Nintendo Direct tonight, Tetris 99 is a free game (for those who pay a subscription to Switch Online) that installs 99 players on a "tétriesque" battlefield. In front of his table, the player must keep as long as possible against 98 opponents without mercy.

Tetris 99 is not just a resistance contest that determines which players are longer. Actually, you have to adopt a certain strategy towards the other players to expect to get a maximum of 1. In fact, it is possible to send traps to the other players (and receive some as well), as additional lines.

It is now possible to play Tetris 99, available in the online store of the Switch.


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