The 500px site victim of a failure: 14.8 million affected members

The 500px platform was hacked last summer, during which hackers were able to steal the personal information of almost 15 million users.

500px.jpgThe 500px sharing platform, well known to photographers, said it was the victim of an intrusion on its servers in July 2018. A security breach discovered on February 8 by the site's engineering team was effectively exploited on July 5, compromising the personal data of 14.8 million users.

It has been possible to steal databases containing names, names, user names and email addresses, as well as dates of birth, types and addresses of those who completed the last three fields. As for passwords, hackers can also recover an incomplete version. The only reassuring point: the credit card information was not stored on the servers of the site and was not compromised.

Restore password
500px claims to have been able to fill this gap and started a process to inform all members of this incident by email, inviting them to choose a new sesame. Any attempt to connect to the site requires a reset of the password. The site also guarantees that only members registered before July 5, 2018 will be affected, no trace of subsequent intrusion has been identified.

A specialized provider has begun its investigation to shed light on this piracy. The 500px engineers say they encountered this flaw that almost reaches the end of a one-year project to update the server and the network infrastructure of the platform, which should precisely reinforce the site's security.


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