The latest Nintendo Direct ads are happening here.

A Nintendo Direct was organized tonight. The latter was animated by the completely crazy ads of the firm.

Les dernières annonces du Nintendo Direct se passent iciA remake of Zelda Link's Awakening on the switch, the release of Super Mario Maker 2, in short, the news you want here, and well that's more.

Nintendo Direct: a crazy program.
Some, despite work the next morning, did not sleep much and were rewarded for this unexpected insomnia. Visibly Super Mario Maker 2 arrives in June. This announcement was undoubtedly one of the least expected, and it is there. A title that will create our own levels and always exchange a little more with your friends. Another news, Fire Emblem Three House arrives on July 26, a first announcement was made for an exit on the Switch, but it is not like that. As good Astral Chain leaves on August 30.

Platinum seems to have built its stage practically. A policeman of the future is prepared or his function, as a good employee of the ground floor, is to place the order with different creatures of the city. Dragon Quest XI arrives in the fall. Episode 11 can delight fans after some time on the Playstation 4. The awakening of Zelda Link, is for this year! Revised graphics for what is definitely the great news of this Nintendo Direct. Nintendo really spoiled you and made some more ads. After you've enjoyed the best of them, here's the replay of the concert. Do not get tired of that.
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