The Nintendo Switch will host a new version of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Released in 1993 on Game Boy, Link's Awakeking is one of the most unusual episodes of the Zelda saga, but also one of the most prized. 26 years later, Nintendo is about to give Switch a second life.

The episodes of Zelda happen and are not always the same. After the beautiful and confusing Breath of the Wild, Link's Awakening will be the next Nintendo license game to land on Switch. The Japanese try to make the new version with a big "R", since we are dealing with a total technical revision. The game of 1993 obviously had to deal with the technical limits of the Game Boy (in particular, the black and white) and this new version happens surprisingly in 3D, but maintains the top view typical of the first episodes of the series. The graphic style, very round and colorful, irreparably evokes the excellent A Link Between Worlds released in 3DS at the end of 2013, which was in itself a reinterpretation of A Link to the Past in Super Nintendo.

Scheduled for 2019, Link's Awakening is a somewhat separate episode in the Zelda series, because it is one of the few that does not take place in Hyrule, the action that takes place exclusively on an island. After being stranded after a storm, Link is picked up by Marine and will have to understand why the monsters invade the area. The development is still classic for a Zelda (alternating between a walk in the world "from above" and exploration of dungeons), but the quasi-parodic humor that shows the title is particularly remarkable. The game is full of references and winks to other Nintendo video games.

At the moment, little information is known about Link's Awakening, but the trailer below suggests phases seen from the side, like a platform.


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