What's in the secret military base hidden by Google Earth for 8 years?

A specific area in Nevada has not received any updates unexpectedly for 8 years, from 2008 to 2016. Internet users today wonder what Google Earth hides there.

Google earth secretWould the government of the United States hide the extraterrestrials? Or would he devote himself to experiments with dangerous weapons? It can not be said at the moment! However, netizens suspect this after discovering that Google Earth hides a mysterious area in Nevada. It was Brendan Byrne and Dhruv Mehrotra who realized this fact. They discovered that the Google map service did not update the satellite images of the Tonopah lakes. Normally, images should be updated every 60 days. However, this area of ​​Nevada has not been updated for 8 years, specifically between 2008 and 2016.

Why did Google Earth forget this area?
This question can not be answered at this time. In addition, questioned on the subject, the firm of Mountain View has preferred to remain silent, which raises even more suspicion. On the side of Internet users, the assumptions are numerous and varied. For Brendan Byrne and Dhruv Mehrotra, there could be an area that the US military uses. UU To test dangerous weapons. This seems quite probable since a US military base is installed. UU .: the Tonopah test range.

For some conspiracies, it is rather a secret area in which the United States Army hides alien bodies. "There is something wrong here, there are probably hidden Aliens" a user posts on his Twitter account. Whatever it is, it's impossible for us to know, especially because Google Earth did not reveal the hidden images.

What do you think is in the area forgotten by Google Earth in Nevada? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.


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