When the removal of a Twitter account in Germany rhymes with political desertion

It's a funny story that happened to Robert Habeck, the leader of the party Greens in Germany. The removal of his Twitter account ignited the opinion that took this gesture as a real desertion.

Twitter GermanyPolitics and social networks do not always get along well. The story that happened to Robert Habeck, the co-chairman of the Green Party in Germany, was the subject of much debate. In question ? The removal of his Twitter account that ignited public opinion.
Did Robert Habeck delete his Twitter account to escape public opinion?
The leader of the German environmentalist party had not long ago been the victim of the dissemination of numerous personal photographs on social networks. Following this news, and in order to better protect himself, the latter felt it necessary to delete his accounts on social networks. More Facebook or Twitter for this politician, which was rather misinterpreted in a country where politics and the internet are very related.

A departure from Twitter interpreted as a desertion
The departure of the politician of Twitter was very badly interpreted by the whole of the political class, but also by the some 50 000 followers that it had on the social network. Robert Habeck, however, tried to justify his gesture, indicating that he simply wanted to fight against the dependence on social networks. His explanation, however, did not convince the public who analyzed the situation as a form of desertion.

Social networks are highly developed in Germany
In Germany, the expression of politicians on social networks is an integral part of their mission. According to a local media, a politician must be able to express himself clearly on a social network during his mandate.

In France too, the expression of politicians on social networks is very developed. Especially since the five-year period of Fran├žois Hollande, in which 30 of the 34 ministers spoke via a Twitter account, the possession of a social account is a necessity. To make a year or give an opinion on political measures, Twitter has become a real information tool for the general public.

If in France, the removal of a social network by a politician could go unnoticed, this is not the case in Germany where the population knows a certain attachment to this type of communication.

Donald Trump uses social networks fluently
The best current illustration of the use of social networks in politics is undoubtedly that made by Donald Trump. The President of the United States uses daily Twitter to address Americans, as well as the rest of the world. It is indeed not uncommon to see in the television news a debate on the last Tweet of the American president.

Twitter has become largely a political tool. Optional in its beginnings, essential at the moment, even if all the countries of the world are not yet equal for its use. In this respect, Germany differs widely from other countries. Robert Habeck will have understood this during this last event.


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