Xbox Live soon on iOS, Android and even Switch

As part of the Game Developers Conference 2019 to be held March 18-22 in San Francisco, Microsoft will present a new development kit to offer Xbox Live on smartphones and even Switch Nintendo.


The first goal is to make the Xbox Live functions accessible in a wider range of products, even if it is also available in a competitive console. If it is not about invading the PlayStation 4, in fact it is the Nintendo Switch that points to Microsoft. The console, it is true, is very different from the Xbox One, in terms of functioning as a game catalog, so as not to make the situation too embarrassing. But it's about delivering the clubs, the friends list, the game's success and other Xbox Live features to the many mobile devices, especially smartphones, whether they run Android or iOS.

It is also about breaking the boundaries, as some multiplatform cross-platform games do by allowing players to meet, even if they do not use the same console or if they use a PC. We think in particular of Minecraft, the multiplatform game par excellence, which already offers the possibility of changing players to meet the players of Xbox One, PC, Android or iOS in their games, without forcing them to subscribe to an Xbox Live subscription. This is also the case with the successful games that are Rocket League and Fortnite recently, which now even welcome PlayStation 4 players.

An open strategy that Microsoft intends to develop with the implementation of simplified bridges between the different platforms, thanks to the services of the PlayFab company that fell on its return last year.

With this expansion, Microsoft expects to increase its number of active users of Xbox Live, announced to 64 million as of December 31, 2018.


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