A teenager's iPhone exploded in class!

New explosion case involving an iPhone! This time, a 13-year-old Korean teenager was a victim while he was in class.

iPhone"The student told me 'My phone is hot'. It was really hot, so I thought something was wrong. So I put the phone on the floor and evacuated the children, "says the teacher of the victim who had a very good reaction. This is not the first time an iPhone has exploded but this incident could have been a very tragic one in this classroom. Faced with this new case that has been around the media, Apple has not really reacted and gave no explanation to the parents of the victim.

No explanation but a new iPhone for the teenager from Apple:

The explosion of this iPhone made no injuries but the parents of the teenager immediately contacted Apple for an explanation. The firm Apple has remained very mysterious. However, she still offered the victim a new smartphone. The model involved in this case could be an iPhone 6 or a 6S. Generally, the battery and / or charger is the cause of overheating if it is not official. Is this the case here? For the moment, we do not know it. One thing is certain, this new explosion will tarnish the image of Apple who has to deal with Samsung Galaxy S10 particularly attractive on many points.


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