An American YouTubeur tests Tesla's emergency brake on his wife!

KrisXstream is an American YouTUBER who has had some success on the web. In his last video, he tests the Autopilot function of his Tesla autonomous car while trying to avoid ... his own wife! The experiment was unwelcome to many users, but revealed some security flaws in Tesla.
It's a funny experience that the American KrisXstream made with his Tesla autonomous car. If in 2018, the Autopilot had been involved in some accidents that it could not avoid, it should be noted that Elon Musk has ensured that the technology is greatly improved, which allows today the giant American to offer very reliable autonomous vehicles. Nevertheless, despite such a level of safety, it is worth remembering that the Autopilot is only a driving assistant, and that it is necessary to remain vigilant when moving a vehicle.
A YouTube video in which the American tests the Autopilot on his wife
In a video widely available on the web, KrisXstream performed several tests on the Autopilot directly with his wife. The video, titled "Tesla Autopilot Test: Will It Stop For My Wife? Has been seen thousands of times and relayed on many sites.

In this sequence of several minutes, the YouTubeur tests in many situations the anti-collision system of its Tesla. The test could have been commendable, if it had not been done directly on his wife, who could have been knocked over or injured during the experiment.

A test that was actually not so dangerous
Faced with the virulence of some comments that have been posted as a result of this video, the YouTUBeur has decided to answer. Contrary to what may have been revealed by some sites, the latter was not crazy or unconscious, nor silly. The YouTUBeur announces that the tests were carried out safely, at a maximum speed of 30 km / h, and with your foot on the brake.

The driver who showed up on YouTube had also chosen a road closed to traffic. As a result, he felt that his wife, who was taking the test, was safe. He also indicates that, being more used to driving the vehicle, he was the one who was in charge, but the test could have been reversed.

Various tests were carried out with the anti-collision system
The anti-collision system has been severely tested by this youtubeur. When the vehicle advanced, his wife crossed the road many times. KrisXstream says that he often thought that the car would never stop, and was ready to step on the brake pedal. Nevertheless, at the last moment, the vehicle reacted and managed to avoid the shock.

On the other hand, when the test was carried out with a backpack on the road, the car stopped, but too late. The bag was still hit, which made the actors in the video laugh that said it still looked alive. The Autopilot Tesla probably has some progress to make, because if hitting a backpack at 30 km / h is not particularly problematic, hitting a lamppost or trash at 100 km / h will be another story for the drivers of the autonomous car


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