Disney prepares the exclusivity of his films on Disney +

Disney announces to its shareholders that the VOD Disney + platform will soon have exclusivity on the 57 Disney films. An exclusivity that should improve the financing of the company, to the detriment of the spectators. 

Disney prépare l’exclusivité de ses films sur Disney+You were tired of multiplying your monthly subscriptions to access online content? Things are not ready to work out! Disney has announced that it will reorganize the accessibility of all its programs. From now on, they will be exclusively available on its Disney + platform.

Disney rebounds in the face of economic difficulties
After many years of economic hardship, the Disney group seems to have found a solution to catch up with some of its fans. The group has announced to its shareholders that Disney content, more than 57 animated films, would only be available on the platform that belongs to the group, Disney +.

The greatest Disney classics exclusive to Disney +
Currently, most Disney classics can be downloaded on specialized platforms like iTunes. VOD has the wind in its sails, but that is not enough to bail out the crates of the animation company. Thus, the next time stocks run out on VOD platforms, users who want to view them will have to go to the Disney + platform.

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, the Lion King ... will undoubtedly be one of the biggest hits of the platform. Disney fans will have an exclusive subscription to access all the content they want to see. What programming great cartoons evenings.

Is platform specialization really wise?
At present, most users have many personal subscriptions to access multimedia content. iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Music, Netflix, Spotify, and soon Disney + ...

The Disney bet is a little risky, in that it will add another layer to the number of monthly subscriptions paid by the interested parties. It is therefore not clear that the users of these platforms wish to choose to be able to view only Disney footage rather than the rest of the subscriptions, like Netflix.

Disney's plan seems economically interesting for the company, but presents a real risk if it fails to be sufficiently successful. Its success depends only on the will of users.

Additional difficulties on other platforms
At the same time, it is not impossible that a dose of additional expense is added on other platforms. Netflix could indeed forbid account sharing, so much used by its fans. Online streaming could well experience difficulties in the coming months. However, nothing will ever replace the contemplation of a Disney feature film that will remind us of our childhood, and perhaps, a time when everything was more accessible.


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