EA takes stock of a disappointing end of the year.

EA reveals its quarterly figures this morning. Despite the correct results in the first reading, the study does not hide its disappointment about sales below expectations.

EA's quarterly 2018 year-end report is good if we stick to the numbers. Still, the study is not satisfied. In fact, his successful Battlefield V did not meet his expectations and brought the expected financial boost. EA presented its financial results tonight and can boast an operating profit of 212 million euros (against a deficit of 184 million in 2017), as well as a net profit of 230 million euros (against a loss of 163 million in 2017 ). The turnover of the US company amounts to 1.12 trillion euros, against 1 trillion euros in 2017.

However, EA does not hide his disappointment at the poor performance of his foal Battlefield V. If he sold more than 7 million units, he did not live up to the expectations of the study that evokes the fierce competition. EA CEO Andrew Wilson recalls (without mentioning) the latest installment of the popular Call of Duty franchise, which has had considerable success in the audience with its effective Battle Royale mode, despite the lack of a single mode player. . Other disappointments for EA, its mobile licenses such as Command & Conquer or Madden that did not meet expectations.

Despite this gloomy report, EA's finances are fine thanks to FIFA's license. In the last quarter, FIFA 19 has sold 20 million copies. An improved performance even more by the FIFA Ultimate Team mode that pushes the players involved in the purchase. To "save" its fiscal year ending in March, EA also trusts "successes" such as the surprise release of APEX Legends or the blockbuster Bioware: Anthem.


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