GTA Online players become millionaires

A bug in GTA Online has allowed many players to easily get millions of dollars. The publisher of the game has quickly remedied.

GTA OnlineGTA Online brings together a very large community of players in the city of San Andreas. If the game is particularly appreciated for its gameplay and diversity of everyday life, regular players also know how difficult it is to get rich. Yet, a number of them have managed to make millions of dollars, without doing anything. It is exploiting a flaw in the game that they have managed to become very rich.

A flaw in GTA Online makes it possible to become very rich
The technique was actually very simple. When players call Lester to order a plane, they are compensated if the delivery is interrupted. But everyone knows that garages can be made inaccessible in GTA Online. The technique was to park his car in a hangar, and to call Lester by leaving the accelerator pedal engaged. The delivery of the aircraft being impossible, the account of the player was credited with 2000 dollars in a constant way.

Players have managed to generate millions of dollars, and thus achieve a very rare wealth in GTA Online.

A bug quickly fixed by Rockstar Games
This very simple and accessible trick to become rich has not escaped the ears of the publisher of the game. The news has spread quickly on the net, the latter has taken advantage of an update to correct the bug. Thus, it is no longer possible, thanks to Lester, to earn money to infinity.

The players then quickly found a new game. Knowing that it was necessary to prevent planes from being delivered, some of them blocked some places of appearance. So it was easy to continue making money, in a way that was pretty much the same.

Rockstar Games will have understood the trick since the appearance of a patch has allowed him to put an end to this situation. It is therefore no longer easy, thanks to Lester's planes and intervention, to become rich in GTA Online.

Other bug sources are probably present in the game
Despite this news, players are hopeful, because the previous source of money, resulting from a bug in the game, was absolutely not planned by the publisher Rockstar Games. It is therefore absolutely probable that other sources are not yet known. So there are many players who must now exploit the slightest flaws in the game in search of an easy source of money.

Watch out for the cheats used in GTA Online
Players should, however, pay attention to the tricks they use to cheat in GTA Online. If exploiting a loophole in the gameplay that saves a lot of money is not illegal, other modes of cheating are firmly pursued by the publisher of the game.

Thus, a few weeks ago, the US justice could sentence a developer to $ 150,000 fine for selling software to cheat on GTA Online. Prudence so ... The flaws of the gameplay, yes, but the cheat software, no!


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