GTA upgraded version, it's available!

It is now possible for the retrogamers to benefit from a graphic improvement in order to benefit, to see rediscover GTA in improved version!

The GTA fan, and more specifically the sixth game, Vice City, do not move this article, because the news that will fall a little lower is just beautiful. And the worst part is that you are told how to do it!

Image result for gtaGrand Theft Auto: Vice City, this game went out a month of May 2003 and that stunned more than one video game lover. At the time, the game is the best-selling with 20 million copies. It's crazy. The game is acclaimed by all and has long been ranked as the best game of all time on the Playstation 2 (yes this Playstation 2 that scared you every time it lit). It is now possible to see Tommy Vercetti and the surrounding city much more clearly. Where some simply replace textures with others, the ESRGAN technique (Acronym for Enhanced Super Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks) requires a lot of energy but is realistic to the possible.

Many games have passed into the hands of this technology. After Red Faction, GTA Vice City goes there too. Jamasen and DassiD moders have released HD texture packs. 1364 textures have been improved and this has been easier for the PC version. Where it's really strong is that version 2.0 has created custom templates with a multitude of details. A new way to rediscover GTA: Vice City for lovers of the saga, and for veteran retrogamers who have necessarily all been fans of this game. So now we put ourselves in front of his PC, we download the improved texture pack and we drive Wisely in the streets of Miami ... No, we laugh.

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