How about using a robot to do your homework for you?

A Chinese schoolgirl used a clever robot to do her homework for her. The device, which can operate for several hours a day, was discovered by his mother and immediately destroyed, but is the object of all desires.
 A robotA robot to do homework, we all dreamed about it. It is a fabulous idea that had a Chinese schoolgirl to simplify the task once returned home. The robot had the ability to use a pen to reproduce the scriptures. This was obviously very practical for copying book passages, but also making many copies that she could give to her teachers.

A robot for homework coveted by classmates
If the young schoolgirl was first mocked by his classmates, his idea quickly inspired more than one. Some classmates also grabbed a clever robot able to do their homework for them. For some, robots even have 4 different colors, and are able to reproduce any document.

A robot for all schooling
This kind of material tends to become more popular with young Chinese audiences. It should be noted that these robots are of very good quality. If the copies they write are of very good quality, their durability is also amazing.

A robot of this type would indeed be able to work for 2 or 3 years, writing 8 hours a day. Practice, when we say that such an investment can save us from doing our homework for several years! However, we can question the usefulness of such a process in education, students using it certainly have some shortcomings.

The mother destroyed the device when she discovered it
The gem of technology was not appreciated by the mother of the schoolgirl, who discovered by making storage in the room of his child. The latter immediately destroyed the robot that does the homework, considering the latter as money wasted unnecessarily and a way to cheat. We are in this story far from the fake robot that had recently made an appearance on Russian television.

Mores are changing, and this mother may have missed the opportunity to be a pioneer in a new system of education supported by robots. What is certain is that China wants to prevail in the use of robots ... by teachers! And you, are you in favor of the use of this kind of device in the education of your children?


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