iPhone XS and XS Max: and a bug for Apple, one!

Oh no, not you, not that, Apple, not today, not now, not after all you did. The iPhone XS and XS Max are experiencing slowdowns.

iPhone XS et XS Max : et un bug pour Apple, un !

The tile for Apple, and as Thierry Gilardi said "Not today, not now. Indeed, this is not the best time for Apple's little jewels to bug.

iPhone: the blow of the breakdown
It has been several months since the anomaly is more and more noise. Whether on the forums, social networks etc, most followers of the firm apple croqué complain of a slowdown of their iPhone XS or XS Max. They must pass in a zone 30, certainly ... As soon as the smartphone is left no more than ten seconds, the handling and navigation of the smartphone become damn slow. Apple could not close the eyes on the subject since customers have come directly to complain in Apple store. The firm has, let alone, give new iPhone to complainants.

Luckily for those who own iPhone XR and X, they have not been affected by this anomaly. A multitude of updates have never solved this problem of fluidity in navigation (Apple has tried Update with iOS 12, iOS 12.1 and iOS 12.2 beta). Like any bug for a big brand, its users ask for accounts, and this is totally legitimate. Apple has opened an investigation and the main track comes from the A12 Bionic chip. Sold as the most powerful chip on the market, it could be that she quietly nap during the inactivity of the phone and it is difficult to wake up when it is back in service, and quickly. It's like when you take a nap of 30 minutes and you have the impression to see slept 3 days. Many manipulations have been attempted but without any efficiency. Apple will find the solution, we hope.

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