It's a bird ? It's an airplane? No it's a flying motorbike!

It is a flying motorcycle made in France that has just left the factories of the manufacturer Lazareth. The latter is particularly specialized to build motorcycles from the world of Science Fiction. Indeed, the firm has collaborated to offer gear in the world of cinema.

The Lazareth 496 flying motorcycle is nevertheless a vehicle that has a homologation to circulate on the road. Except that contrary to a standard motorcycle, it can take off vertically, like a futuristic motorcycle. The French bike is forged in a rather surprising design for a product of this kind.

1300 horses to take off for the Lazareth flying motorbike
Among the elements that make up this French flying motorcycle, is a V8 Maserati engine but also four wheels in which there are four JetCat turbines to help take off. As you will have noticed on the visual at the top of this article, the takeoff is done like futuristic visuals. Thanks to a mechanical bearing built by NTN-SNR, the wheels pass from vertical to horizontal. Thus, the turbines located on it allow you to take off by deploying the power of the engines.

In a desire to seduce the public, Lazareth published a video demonstration of the 496 showing the performance of his new bike. According to the video, the latter would be able to take off only a small meter, but this is already enough to nurture good hopes. For now, Lazareth 496 is still under development and it should take a few more weeks to be marketed. The latter should be sold for a price, quite high of 496 000 euros. If you are interested, know that the flying motorcycle should be presented in a specialized salon. This is the Gitex, located in Dubai and is particularly aimed at rich buyers.

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