Marvel: 21 years later, a new Blade with Wesley Snipes is in preparation

Blade could return to the movies with a Wesley Snipes more edgy than ever! According to the site's information We Got This Covered, the half-human half-vampire hybrid would make its comeback in a Rated-R movie.
Wesley Snipes has played Blade three times: in 1998, in 2002, and in 2004. 15 years after his last performance, we could see the actor in a new feature film about the superhero. In 2018, he was already talking to Marvel about two projects related to Blade's universe in an interview with Vice: "There are conversations going on right now and we're interested in coming back to this world again. ".

Blade would pass the torch to his daughter, Fallon Gray
It's in 2015 that Fallon Gray, Blade's daughter, made her first appearance in the comics. If Marvel Studios is preparing a new movie, the famous superhero should not be the main character. Indeed, it is his daughter who will surely be in the center of the scenario. For now, this is just a rumor but this is not the first time that Blade's interpreter, Wesley Snipes, talks about preparing one or more movies. According to the site We Got This Covered, this new movie would be rated Rated-R just like the movie Black Widow that should not come out before 2020.

At the moment, this rumor has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios or Disney. Steven Lightfoot, showrunner of The Punisher, has more desire to see Blade in a series he would like to drive. As a reminder, the film trilogy yielded $ 415 million. A figure not really exceptional today but suitable at the time!

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