More comments on videos with minors for YouTube

It had to stop. Comments with pedopornographic tendencies became unsustainable and YouTube acted.

We can not blame YouTube for being passive. Finally a platform that acts, and drastically. The pedopornographic comments led to what looks like censorship.
YouTube: kids are good (better especially)

YoutubeWe see them coming, those who will proclaim freedom of expression and who will point fingers at censorship. So censorship yes, but at what price? At the price of no longer see comments to child pornography, and who are the apology of the latter. Who can be against that? Certainly nobody of supposed. The video site had already struck a first time by deleting more than 400 channels and blocking comments on a few million videos. There was really no other way to eradicate this, than to remove comments on videos that showed minors.

YouTube, however, leaves some channels open to comments, considered exceptions and much more monitored, suddenly. The platform has also worked on a classifier that is much more powerful than the old one and is slowly being put in place. The latter will find the non-compliant individual comments much more effectively than the old classifier. It was still a year since this kind of business dragged on until big advertisers such as Disney or Nestle pulled out of the platform. The actions of the platform were drastic, even though they took a long time to appear. Teens and the youngest can now, we hope, navigate much more quietly on this beautiful platform that is YouTube and must preserve as long as possible malicious.

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