WhatsApp: check in one click if you are in danger!

Small tips protect your WhatsApp account to prevent malicious spying. Find out here how to configure the latter to guard against possible breaches of your privacy.

WhatsApp securityApplications to engage in conversations on smartphones are increasing over the years. Among the most popular, figure WhatsApp, recently bought by Mark Zuckerberg's group. The app allows you to send simple text messages, but also MMS with mobile data from your smartphone or your Wi-Fi connection. Video chats and voicemail recording are also features of interest to users. users.

WhatsApp, or how to monitor the activity of your recipient
The great specificity of the messages sent on WhatsApp is to be able to be informed of the good reception of the message by the recipient, but also of its reading. Thus, it is impossible, through the application, to want to read a message without informing the sender. Some people do not hesitate to use this feature to blame the recipient for his response time when sending a message. The excuse "I did not receive" can no longer be used. However, there is still the possibility of reading the message, or only a part depending on the model of your phone, via the notifications bar, which does not imply to open the application and change the status of the message.

Can we avoid such spying on WhatsApp? If the WhatsApp reading is now common, do not forget that it can be a real spying. However, it is possible in one click to disable this feature, even if very few people do not know, because they have not explored the configuration of their application.

How to disable the read receipt on WhatsApp?
Disabling the read receipt on WhatsApp is a very simple manipulation. In the settings of the application, open the tab "Account", then click on the term "Confidentiality". The "Vu à" tab allows you to open the acknowledgment to everyone, to your contacts only, or to anyone. A good way to find the confidentiality that is due to you in respect of your private life. You are now safe from prying eyes who want to know the exact minute you read a message that was intended for you.

Put your photo and identity away from strangers on WhatsApp
Did you know that perfect strangers can spy on you without WhatsApp, without ever having contacted you? The trick is very simple. With a simple phone number, they can register you in the native contacts application of their phone. Once they access the WhatsApp application, editing a new conversation (without sending a message, and thus, without notifying you) gives access to your profile picture, and to the identity that you have entered the application. Your status, if it is open to the public, may also be accessed by the spy. This spring, then, is a great way to find out if you have gone on holiday during the summer to burglarize yourself.

How to protect his identity and his photo on WhatsApp?
Rest assured, it is possible to continue using WhatsApp safely. The manipulation is almost identical to the previous one. In the settings, go to the "Account" menu and then to "Privacy". This time, it is the "News", "Status" and "Profile Photo" parameters that will need to be set. You can then open these to your contacts only, or to you alone so that no one sees them. In this way, you will be able to completely secure your WhatsApp account and thus avoid any danger related to espionage.


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